About Us

PMM LLC is a holding company engaged in manufacturing of control apparatus; networking equipment, edge connectivity devices, digitization software solutions including Automation and SCADA system. Its segments include providing solutions for renewables generation of electricity; Energy Management, supplying services for transmission and distribution of electrical energy.

PMM’s main goal is to build a datacenter for renewables. Our software and hardware products enable owners of renewables to accurately analyze different configurations, evaluate the results, identify the best possible solution and therefore to make informed decisions which leads to increased efficient production of renewable energy. We are convinced that leveraging and exchanging accurate energy data is necessary and critical for the world to effectively Go Green .


To pave the way for a greener earth through pioneering simple automation and secure software.

We recognize that we only have one Earth, and we need to take care of it by contributing our share to promising a cleaner future for planet Earth. We are true believers in solar energy as the most efficient, clean, and valuable source of energy and we work hard to ensure its continuous economic viability and efficiency.


Team with our customers to achieve manufacturing excellence by delivering the right automation solutions.

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