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INDUSTRIAL MODBUS DATA LOGGER - The true Data Logging System

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  • Multiple Modbus channels
  • Easy to use setup screen
  • Automatic data logging
  • Data readouts
  • On screen data trending graph
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Multiple Modbus channels let you interface with many different Modbus registers. Just specify the device address and register address numbers for each channel.This screen displays only the required Modbus information in an easy to understand format. Use the setup screen to configure what data to log, the data logging interval, the scale factor for each Modbus register, and save the entire configuration screen to an external file for later use.If specified, data will be logged to an external file in .CSV format; a format that can easily be opened and edited using standard spreadsheet programs such as EXCEL. Each log entry is date and time stamped for easy offline review. Data is logged in real time so to minimize chances of data loss due to external problems. File names include the date and time the file was created along with optional user specified text. New log files are automatically created when the maximum file size is exceeded, allowing the program to gather data for an almost unlimited amount of time without stopping the program.

Data readouts provide a quick and easy method for reviewing the current Modbus register values. The data grid on the left hand side of the screen shows the user specified name along with its most current value.

An onscreen data trending graph displays real-time data as it is read from the Modbus slave devices. Zoom into data on the graph using one of the 3 window zoom features. Pan the graph to view the data as it changes. Specify the minimum and maximum axis values and Y Axis titles via the graph options button. Set the graph to automatically pan with time so that the latest data is always visible. Preform all of these functions while the graph updates with the latest data.

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