PMM - Power Meter Monitor


PMM Asset Management Platform- SCADA Monitor and Performance Analysis Solution

PMM-da-720-series-image-1-(1).jpg | PMM
PMM-da-720-series-image-1-(1).jpg | PMM

Features and Benefits

  • This system monitor data from a numerous device, including meters, inverters, weather stations, trackers, DC strings and substation equipment
  • System Contents: Databases, Webserver, Graphic curve, Reports and Raw-data
  • Automated methods of identifying and addressing performance issues
  • Manage multiple sites simplifying how owners run their sites
  • Constantly monitor equipment at a site and record sampled data to a local datalogger server equipment
  • Real-time data is visually represented on operator screens and is used to assess alarm conditions
  • Advance Summary informative screen of the collected data to show trends and identify irregularities with showcase design queries and reports that summarize the data for operational maintenance and management
  • Performance-based alarms to alert operators when a site, or individual devices within that site, are not performing optimally
  • Customizable installation
  • Totally scalable – simply upgraded through various tag levels with provision of a new software key
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PMM SCADA system is an economical solution to analyze and investigate root causes of the plant issues. The System links together several hardware and software components of a site to simplify how owners run their sites. It provides action-able information to determine whether the solar plant equipment is performing as expected or not, identifying offline and malfunctioning equipment. System operators and performance engineers can be proactive through analyzing the SCADA data and determine when to deploy technicians to resolve any issues on time, before it becomes difficult to solve as well as to minimize energy losses during malfunctions.


  • Can link directly into any business for monitoring purposes.
  • Maximize productivity.
  • Improve product quality.
  • Reduce maintenance and operating costs.


  • Remote visualization and control.
  • Interfacing with PLCs.
  • Manufacturing machinery.
  • Material handling control.
  • Discrete or continuous manufacturing.
  • Patient monitoring.


  • Disable and enable alarms individually by page, category, or priority.
  • Context-sensitive help for runtime alarms.
  • 255 levels of alarm priority or category.
  • Operator comments can be attached to alarms.
  • Deviation, rate-of-change alarms, and adjustable trip points.
  • Display alarms by category or priority.
  • Historical alarm and event logging.
  • Online alarm disables and threshold modification.
  • Event-triggered alarms.
  • Alarm-triggered reports.
  • User-defined formats and colors.
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