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PMM0504 Lite (0610)

RS485 Repeater - Converter

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  • 1x RS485 Repeater Or Converter function
  • Meets all power substation requirements
  • Isolated power supply option
  • ESD protection
  • Bidirectional data transfer
  • Safe and easy to use and operate
  • Operating temperature: -40 to 80°C (-40 to 176°F)
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PMM0504 - Lite is an isolated RS485 converter and RS485 repeater. It has the ability to convert serial data communication types and the 120 Ohm terminal resistor helps in noise reduction as well as impedance matching. The device contains two circuits as a result it also functions as a repeater extending data transfer distances while protecting the device form ground loops, noise problems, transient surges, remote lighting and spikes. Another added feature that comes with the use of two circuits is that now you can connect a larger amount of devices as well as use two networks instead of one.

PMM0504 - Lite industrial grade media converter can function under harsh environmental conditions of any site. It is especially designed to meet all power substations and PV plants requirements. Furthermore, it covers all field standards of power, reliability, easy configuration and long-lasting life.

This device can be ordered with multiple power supply ratings to select from.


PMM0504 - Lite can perform efficiently and effectively in the PV, substation and industrial applications as:

  • Bidirectional RS232-RS485/422 converter
  • RS232 Repeater
  • RS485 Repeater

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