PMM - Power Meter Monitor

Two Axis Position Sensor

PMM Tracking Solutions

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  • Simple and easy to install
  • 1x RS485 Serial communication port
  • Analog Output (Voltage range: 0-10V) for each axis
  • Supports two options:
  • Absolute reading (Optional)
  • Instant reading
  • High accuracy and reliable
  • Proof tested
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PMM Two Axis Position Sensor

PV plant performance and profitability of tracker-mounted photovoltaic and solar- thermal installations heavily depend on how accurately receiving units are pointed to the sun, hence the tracking control intelligence is crucial to drive maximized energy and profit yield.

As certified by independent third parties, PMM exceeds state-of-the-art systems delivering seamless, high-precision control intelligence. PMM tracking systems performs the control intelligence that delivers maximized energy harvesting of tracker-mounted PV and solar-thermal installations. The system is scalable to performs single to multible trackers exist in utlity scale power plants.

PMM system implements hybrid tracking strategy suitable both for a comprehensive plant management system through the PMM1107 (Central Control Unit), as well as for the control of single- trackers, by means of PMM1106 (Tracker Control Unit).


  • Single axis PV.
  • Concentration PV (CPV).
  • High-concentration PV (HCPV).
  • Solar-thermal.
  • Concentration solar-thermal.
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