PMM - Power Meter Monitor




  • Allwinner H3, Quad-core Cortex-A7 CPU
  • 512MB RAM and Embedded 8GB eMMC hard drive
  • 1x Ethernet 10/100 port
  • Supports 2.4 WIFI
  • 3x RS485 serial/IO communication ports covering all industrial standards
  • 2x USB2.0 Type A
  • Ubuntu Core operating system
  • Arduino® compatible programming
  • Built to meet all harsh environment and Power substation requirements
  • Redundant power supply which makes the switch between the power supplies is seamless
  • -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F) system operating temperature
  • Compact size with fanless design
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PMM0103 is a rugged powerful reliable fanless Linux based embedded industrial computer, powered by Allwinner H3 CPU, which offers high-performance processing with a high degree of functional integration.

The device represents an ideal computing solution for tight spaces, since it is highly compacted in size, designed with small footprints and multiple I/Os. designed and tested on the field to withstand shock, vibration, extended temperature ranges and challenging elements of a harsh environment.

PMM0103 offers the client a wide range of interfaces covering most of the industrial standards and increasing the connectivity. Moreover, PMM0103 is especially designed to meet all power substations and PV plants requirements. Furthermore, it covers all field standards of power, reliability, easy configuration and long-lasting life.


PMM0103 rich features industrial-grade computers can provide long lasting and reliable operation with wide range of applications and already implemented on the following field applications:

  • Factory and Machine automation
  • Power plant controllers
  • NTP timing servers
  • SQL data banks server
  • Field Data loggers
  • Protocol and Media converters
  • PV Tracker controller
  • ...And many more.
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