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PV Tracker Gateway

PMM Tracking Solutions


  • Intelligence designed around high precision solar tracking needs
  • Controlling up to two trackers simultaneously
  • Compatible with any tracking system
  • Built to meet all harsh environment and Power substation requirements
  • Wide range of power supply options
  • -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F) system operating temperature
  • Compact size with fanless design
  • Wide range of mounting options
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PMM PV Tracker Gateway

Tracker-mounted photovoltaic and solar thermal installations' efficiency and profitability greatly depend on how precisely the receiving units are directed at the sun; as a result, tracking control intelligence is essential to maximizing energy and profit return.

PMM1103G- gateway transmits the signal to the controller either through Modbus RS485, or Wi-Fi or LoRa then PMM1103 controller adjusts the angle of the trackers to the optimal angle which maximize the production. In addition, PMM1103G- receives signals from the position tracking sensor to be updated on cloud SCADA allowing for operator to easily monitor the tracker position through Web or mobile application.
Refer to PMM1103C- Single Axis Tracker Controller for more details.

PMM1103 gateway is a rugged powerful reliable fanless Linux based embedded industrial computer, powered by Allwinner H3 CPU, which offers high-performance processing with a high degree of functional integration.

Moreover, PMM1103 gateway is covered by a durable metal chassis which was designed and tested on the field to withstand shock, vibration, extended temperature ranges and challenging elements of a harsh environment. It is especially designed to meet all power substations and PV plants requirements.


  • Single axis PV.
  • Concentration PV (CPV).
  • High-concentration PV (HCPV).
  • Solar-thermal.
  • Concentration solar-thermal.
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