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  • Intelligence designed around high precision solar tracking needs
  • Auto-aligning and self-configuring: each tracker autonomously sets the parameters that maximize energy harvesting on a real time basis also in the event of ground movements
  • Controlling up to two trackers simultaneously
  • PMM is compatible with any tracking system
  • 2x Modbus RTU (2 wires RS485)
  • Using LoRa to communicate between trackers through RF signals
  • RTC module that keeps up to dated time and date for accurate controlling
  • Wide range of power supply options (10-60 VDC/ 230 VAC)
  • Low-power consumption
  • EMI, EMS, EMC and shock protected
  • -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F) Operating temperature
  • 5% to 90% Non-condensing Relative Humidity
  • Standard 35mm din rail mounting bracket
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PMM Single Axis Tracker Controller

Tracker-mounted photovoltaic and solar thermal installations' efficiency and profitability greatly depend on how precisely the receiving units are directed at the sun; as a result, tracking control intelligence is essential to maximizing energy and profit return.

PMM1103 allows the panels to move on two axes. This type of systems is designed to maximize the solar energy collection throughout the year by tracking the seasonal variations in the height of the sun in addition to normal daily motion.

PMM1103 controls two trackers at the same time either manually or automatically. The operator can adjust the position of the trackers simply by pushing the button that adjust the position either clock wise or counter clock wise as needed. However, the trackers can be controlled automatically using ISRAR Sun Calculations which calculates the sun's position throughout the day, both the elevation angle and the azimuth angle are calculated and PMM1103 gateway transmits the signal to the controller either through Modbus RS485, or Wi-Fi or LoRa then PMM1103 controller adjusts the angle of the trackers to the optimal angle which maximize the production.
Refer to PMM1103G- PV Tracker Gateway for more details.


  • Single axis PV.
  • Concentration PV (CPV).
  • High-concentration PV (HCPV).
  • Solar-thermal.
  • Concentration solar-thermal.
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